Suck my balls through my drawers

Yesterday I watched the documentary “Kurt & Courtney” about Kurt Cobain, Crackney Love and the shadiness surrounding Kurt’s suicide/murder/holyshitballswhatawaytoleaveearth. This documentary was so terrible and the guy making it was so unsymphatetic and socially retarded that I basically felt like taking each and every copy of the movie ever made, including any bootleg DVD’s of it and hard drives containing its video files and shoving them so far up this dude’s ass that he has a reverse Kurt Cobain and gets his head blown off from the inside. By DVD’s and hard drives though instead of shotgun shells. I feel like that would be an adequate punishment. In the old days I would write a blog post about it, ranting angrily as if anyone gave a squirt and a half.

Which brings me to the resurrection of Intellectual Ignorance! As you might have noticed, the language I use lacks dots and rings over its A’s (could also be a metaphor for anal warts or something. Feel free to start using it) and this might be the change I need to keep things interesting. I also have way too many friends outside of Sweden not to let them enjoy the geniousisness of my writing!

Keep in mind I now have a full-time job and can’t make any promises concerning the frequency of posts, but I’ll try to keep them coming. If you do your share and recommend this blog to your friends I’ll probably write more. Or I’ll try to bang your friends. It’s one or the other really.

So yeah, refresh your bookmarks, add this shiet to the top and I’ll try not to disappoint you like Asian chicks who aren’t freaky in bed.

NOTE: The picture above is a random crotch found through Google and not my own. Somehow I felt like saying that would make me seem less weird, but now I realize that I just admitted to searching for pictures of crotches on Google..

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2 Responses to Suck my balls through my drawers

  1. Blööö says:

    Kul att du är tillbaka!

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