Insanity Sweden, bring it!

Anything with the title Insanity should be good. Unless it is in your meat.I was thinking of balancing out the Ignorance that has dominated this Anglic rebirth of doublei with a dose of that other “I” but then I bought tickets to Insanity Sweden, so obviously that needed to be put on hold.

Next Friday some friends and I are getting in the car and driving off to one of those villages outside of Stockholm, Jönköping, for a weekend of insa… No. No, I’m not going to disrespect my readers with a cliché bigger than black NBA players, Jewish bankers or hungry Africans. You guys deserve better. We’re going to Jönköping for a weekend of partying sicker than malaria-infested mosquitos sucking mad cow titties!

I swear to god, I have a couple of intelligent posts coming up…

Anyway, if you’re going to Insanity too, holla! If you are hot and/or have drugs we might even have room in the car for you! I know, we’re thoughtful like that.

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