Time ≠ Money. Money = Time

Fuck the Federal Reserve.Even though I have been thoroughly and perpetually explained why time equals money, both through my studies and through the fruits of American pop culture (Rack City, bitch) I have never quite grasped the concept, due to one particular flaw in the logic. What the hell is money good for if I don’t have my time?

If I spend my time making money there is no use for neither the money nor the time as the time is spent earning money and not enjoying it. In my opinion the saying should go the other way; money is time. According to this logic I am making money to buy time, not spending time to make money. When I have money I don’t have to work which allows me to free myself from the obligations of making money so that I can spend my time in whichever way I desire. Money itself cannot bring pleasure, but it can most definitely be traded for enjoyable time. Basically what I’m trying to say is that I like to make it rain at strip clubs.

Now this post has been half-finished for about five days before all my lovers finally let me have a moment to finish it which probably affected the quality more than the number of people involved affects the quality of a porno scene, but here’s a link to a TED Talk by Hans Rosling which partially discusses the same subject and is pretty damn amazing. I am contributing to the world!

And shit.

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