There you have it people! These lovely Cletus-sounding women from American south deeper than barracudas in sunken submarines explain why all of us so called “normal folks” are completely brainwashed when we talk about anti-racism as being anti-racism when it is clearly actually anti-white. You can’t make stuff like this up, these girls, and the organisation they represent (name not included, why give the fuckers another hit on google?), actually believe that the white race is victim to the most severe genocide in the world. When asked for a comment the Congolese, Cambodians, Australian Aboriginals, South American Natives, North American Natives, and pretty much any people of any freaking corner of the world apart from Europe said “say what..?”

I’ll have to agree with the Slim Shady Lady Club on one thing, that being that black and hispanic public figures have more of a free pass to talk about “looking out for the interests of their people” while wiggas can’t, but I guess that’s just another one of those non-white perks along with the right to get shot by the police for no reason whatsoever, living in Compton and banging Kim Kardashian. Ok, that last one is actually strictly reserved for blacks, but you get the point.

To summarize, someone should see what Lexington Steele is up to and ask him if he feels like poking these girls’ teeth out from the back.

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