Kendrick Lamar will make your momma cry

STP - Suck The Police! Wait what..?

If you haven’t heard of Kendrick Lamar by now you’ve missed out on the best stuff hip-hop has delivered since that time Eminem battled Tupac in the 80’s and Ludacris crashed the battle in his ’64 Impala while puffing on some Snoop Lion shit.

Besides his ridiculous flow Kendrick also deliveres very smart lyrics (for a black guy that is) about stuff way more real than 90% of these bubblegum rappers are talking about today. “Swimming pools” is about alcohol abuse, including his own struggles with that as a teenager, “A.D.H.D.” talks about kids these days doing various drugs like they’re Snickers bars before their nuts have even dropped, “Keisha’s song” portrays the life of a 17-yearold prostitute and “This link” leads to the world’s cutest kitten to balance out the suicidally harsh reality of those songs.

Tomorrow Kendrick is on stage at Münchenbryggeriet in Stockholm and yours truly is gonna go full-blown white boy dropping the n-word while rapping along whenever black people around me aren’t looking.

Thug life.

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