Another nice move by the Swedish Royal family

A must in your pedophile collection.

There are few water cooler topics more worn out in Sweden than the classical discussion regarding the Swedish monarchy and the questioning of its place in a 21st century Western democracy. In case you’re from one of those other countries that isn’t Sweden and had no clue about this; yes, Sweden has a throne which is inherited, much like Winterfell.

I’m going to be discreet as always and not voice my personal opinion on this stupid shit and just present to you the cover of this new book sold by news/toiletpaper Expressen called “Estelle – The book about my first year”. Estelle is the crown princess’ soon-to-be one year old daughter and let me just stop here and remind you that we are talking about the Royal family pimping out their baby to the media and not the Kardashians. Even if the Royal family didn’t release this book themselves they surely approved it which just reeks of tastelessness worse than Paris Hilton’s vagina after Cannes.

But like I said, I’m going to be discreet here and not express my personal opinion. On this stupid shit.

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