Get free or die trying: rich man’s edition


It would be easy to assume that this post is about one of the greatest albums in the history of hip-hop, Dead Prez’s “Let’s get free“, since there is a huge picture of the album cover about a Japanese penis above what you’re reading right now, but that’s not the case. This post is about something far more important which is very well represented in the album title. Also not completely relating the picture to the post totally set up the Japanese penis joke.

Yesterday I watched TPB AFK, the documentary about The Pirate Bay, and just before writing this I finished watching a documentary about WikiLeaks (check it out here). These two alternatives to Jersey Shore inspired me to write about the importance of keeping the Internet free (free as in liberated, not as in “your mom”). The Internet is a beautiful thing, not only because you can find pretty much any sexual scene you have ever imagined within seconds in crystal clear HD, but also because it is the ultimate independent source of information and needs to be protected from restricions and regulations that would jeopardize this. You don’t want to go back to Playboy magazines, do you?

Most traditional news and media sources, no matter how big and respected they are, are in the hands of their extremely rich and powerful owners who look out for their own interests first and foremost, not caring about the benefit of the world or intellectual evolution. A recent example of this is the smearing campains aimed at the electric cars of Tesla Motors. None less than the widely respected newspaper The New York Times and immensely popular tv show Top Gear have recently blatantly lied to smear Tesla Motors and their non-fossile-fule-burning cars (NYT case here, Top Gear case here). Now which industry would be rich enough to control media outlets and not support electric cars, hmmm? Annoying self-righteous irony aside, if representatives of the oil industry weren’t pulling the strings in these cases then Spider-Man isn’t gay.

Basically what I’m trying to say while obviously doing my best to bore you to death with all these words and schtuff, is that the Internet needs to be kept free. Free from censorship, from control by states or corporations and free from n00bs thinking they fly when they ain’t cuz they not. So always vote against SOPA, PIPA or any similar acts. If you live in Sweden consider voting for The Pirate Party, or for similar parties wherever you live, and fight to keep the ultimate freedom tool free.

I really really like porn.

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