Who am I?
My name is Yoshi, I am 22 23 24 years old and right now I am studying to be I have recently finished my studies to become some kind of engineer.. or something.. in Stockholm and am now another cog in the market beast. That part tends to get a bit boring, so I need to squirt my creative juices on the internet every now and then to avoid killing myself with a sharpened pencil.

Stuff I like
Writing, talking, travelling, partying, playing basketball, watching the NBA, smoking crack, watching standup comedy, playing the guitar, pretending to sing, and long walks on the beach.

Stuff I dislike
People more stupider than me, short walks on the beach and cruel treatment of unicorns.

If you are considering asking me to have sexual intercourse with you, but you feel that it would be weird to do so in a comment, feel free to e-mail me at yoshi@doublei.net. I’m thoughtful.

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